"Are you really an agent"

Tiptoeing through the tulips of email this morning Miss Snark finds a missive from some hapless writer who asks......seriously one fears..."are you really an agent".

Who would claim to work for the Dark Side if they didn't??
Well, now wait a second.
Now that Miss Snark is properly juiced, (that first cup of Cafe Bustelo helps this process)
there are actually those poor souls out there who claim to be agents who
are in fact...not.

Consider the website Miss Snark winched out of the morass last week. One page said
"Here are books we helped publish". Interesting choice of phrase of course.
A phrase Miss Snark would look for, were she to be seeking an agent might read
"Here's Miss Snark's list of sales".

As it happens, Miss Snark, the all knowing and all powerful Oz having nothing on
Miss Snark, literary agent, knew those books. And the person who "helped get
them published" didn't agent them at all. That person edited them.
Is this misleading?
Yea sure...to the unwary.

So in case you're wondering Oh Wanderer in the World of Words..yes
Miss Snark IS an agent. But she's not Esther Newberg. And she's not
Binky Urban. But she thinks being called Binky is kinda cool. Like
being called Flip Brophy.

You'll just have to find her the old fashioned way: Look under
"Snark" in Writers Market.

Now, go out and read something worthwhile.
And if you can't find something worthwhile,
go to SarahWeinman.com and see what she's reading.

That's where Miss Snark is headed.
After coffee.
And maybe a cruller.


Brenda Bradshaw said...

I have been reading your blog with a smirk on my face. I hope to God you're a real agent, and I hope that one day I get to meet you. I just read Lauren's piece about her five agents from hell, and frankly, the entire process is beyond daunting. But then when I see something like this, I sit here and laugh and think, "Thank God there are others like me out there."

Hope you don't mind me linkin' you from my blog - You need to be shared with the world.

Miss Snark said...

I'm quite honored to be a link on your blog!

Anonymous said...

One question Miss Snark: how the hell do you get any work done? The great blog written in proper sentences with finite verbs, the interesting taste in beverages...It's beyond me.

Yours (anyone's really) in admiration.