Honest to Pete, do you think this WORKS??

So, working through my stack of query letters today. As usual, there are a couple that are interesting and couple that are so weird as to make me fear for the fate of western civilization...and then there are these:

"It's also the setting of the serio-comic novel for which I am seeking
representation from a few select agents.."

ok...what the fuck is a serio-comic novel?
They forget to tell me that at agent school.

Is it like a serious novel that has some funny parts?
Is it a comic book that is about serio-type things?

And let's not overlook that smarmy "select agents" phrase. I'm sure you
worked hard selecting me...you picked all the agents who understood
what serio comic meant.

Please. Get a grip on your prose. Maybe if you grip hard enough I won't have
to worry about the fact you teach English at a place where people pay to attend.


ScaramoucheX said...

You're funny...
Are you really an agent? In America or Canada?
If so...will ya read my book?
It took me years to write - will ya take a look? It's based on a novel by a man named Lear...

Anonymous said...

serio-comic? My guess would be that the author doesn't whether his novel is serious or comical.