Portraits by Michael Kimmelman

Michael Kimmelman is the art critic at the New York Times.
He's got a new book coming this summer so I went over to NYPL.org
to reserve it, and discovered "Portraits"
published in 1998 by Random House.

Portraits is a collection of conversations with interesting artists,
Francis Bacon among them.
Tucked away in the Bacon chapter is this:

"And he was marginal man for some years after
1939 as well: when World War II began, he was
summoned by the army for a physical. He hired a
dogf rom Harrods and took it home with him
the night before the exam. Dogs, like horses,
gave him asthma.
He was rejected by the army, and ended
up doing odd jobs for several years during the war."

Notice how he passes right over the
"hired a dog from Harrods" part.
It's never mentioned again.

Now, I want to know how one hires a dog
from the British equivalent of Macy's and Bloomingdale's.

Can you rent a dog from Macy's or Bloomingdale's?
If you can do that, maybe they'll rent you a man?

I'll take Ewan McGregor...oiled.

Now, go read something fun.


Crisi said...

New reader, reading through backposts. But, actually, I'm pretty sure you can hire a dog from Harrods. They at least have a very nice pet store that sells dogs.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Miss Snark. Oiled bloke is the way to go. Asthma or not. At least he could give you the kiss of life.

Julie Wright said...

I am perusing your archives and had to comment even if this was forever ago. My claim to fame in life is that Ewan kissed me at a wrap party. Not a bad kisser mmm-mmmm!