Previously published

What is it with people who think IUniverse
(or Writers Club Press as I guess it's called now) is a "publisher"?

It's not.
It's the equivilent of the web in print: anyone, and I mean ANYONE
can send in their work and presto magic it's a book.

When you query an agent and say
"I previously published -title-",
and you DON'T list a publisher,
the first thing anyone with a brain does is google the title.
Previously being printed by a POD chop shop doesn't count as
"previously published".

Adding insult to injury, you tell me the book was
"warmly received by reviewers".
What you mean is that Amazon has good reviews,
so I know you're not playing on my side of the street.

Here's some help: "reviewers" at Amazon are not reviewers.
They're reader comments.
Generally anonymous.

In case anyone else hasn't mentioned this to you yet,
Amazon reviews don't meet criteria of an objective review.
(Miss Snark loves snarky reviews of course).
You'd be better off to tell me your mom liked it.

Quit trying to wow me with publishing "credentials"
that only reveal your
lack of industry savvy.

All you have to do is write well. That's hard enough.
Try not to shoot yourself in the foot by looking like a dimwit
before I have a chance to read your stuff.

Now, go read something good, and leave me to my slush pile.

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