August doldrums

From the comment corner comes:

Quick question, if you're still taking them: is it worth submitting anything to anyone in the industry at the moment, or is it better to wait until September? Do agents and editors give even less attention to individual submissions when trying to sift through the massive piles that acrued while they were on vacation, or is it more or less the same process for them year-round?

August does slow down. Even Miss Snark will be slinking off to her beach chair for a week. However, you can make yourself crazy trying to time a submission. Avoid this.
When it's ready, send it.
Good writing, like cream, rises to the top of the pail.

Miss Snark on the other hand, does dance around with timing. If I have a project that I think is going to go to auction,
or one in which there will be SERIOUS money, I wait till everyone is not on the Cote d'Azure. But, that doesn't mean I'm not trolling my transom pile for that project every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

You send, let Miss Snark consult the tea leaves of timing.

As for what editors do, I don't know. You might ask Agent 007. I never send anything to an editor without a phone conversation, their express desire to see it and an idea of a deadline for consideration.