Busy? I'll show you stinkin' beezee!

The Snarkling's comments to my last post have unleased
a certain scent of ..well... fresh meat!

The Snarkling Challenge (rephrased from the very nice
polite comment that was posted):

Just What the Fuck Do You DO All Day??

Miss Snark (although a vegetarian) will respond to the
clarion call of challenge (or is that carrion call..she's not
quite sure).

Starting ....next week!
I'll write down what I'm doing at the top of the hour
and post a day's events at the end of the day.
Certain liberties may need to be taken to protect
the guilty...and Miss Snark's innocent clients as well.

The idea of exposing my calender ...well...I may
rather be nekkid in Times Square with the Nekkid

Speaking of which..does he have a book deal?


chryscat said...

I appreciate Miss Snark letting her readers walk a mile in her Choos, so to speak.
This ought to be entertaining and educational.

Any precautions taken to protect clients/friends/various snarklings will be accepted unreservedly.


Miss Snark said...

ok, the list is up there on today's posting.
Miss Snark is now retiring to her boudoir with a stiff gin and a cool cloth.