Criminal "agent"

About once a year there's a story about someone who's indicted
for bilking hapless would be writers from their hard earned
money. Courtesy of Michael Cader here's the link to the one
for this summer.
Albany Times Union

Now, if you google "Kelly O'Donnell" literary agent, the first
six listings are some form of "she's a fraud".

She charged money up front.
Her books don't appear on Amazon.

What the fuck MORE would anyone need before it might dawn
on them that this woman, in her schizo disguise of agent and
publisher is a FRAUD??

The Times Union story quotes some poor soul on a limited
income who cut back on buying food so she could pay this
woman. Ok, there's a special place in hell reserved
for those scam artists, but really now.....that is just
clueless with a capital C.

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