Day 2: the Day Timer Confessions

Of all days to have back to back meetings this was just the worst.
It's a damn sauna in NYC today and everyone who is on the street
is wet, annoyed, and annoying. It's too hot to hurry so we're all getting the
Full Olfactory Experience of NYC Summer.

8:30 am Coffee, and the usual reading cut very very short.
9:09 am Penn Station to meet a client coming in for a day
of meet and greet.

10:00am first meet and greet at a large publisher. Six forms
of ID required in the lobby. Must be a new assistant cause
she forgot to clear us ahead of time. No time to snarl, time
to surrender the snark in fact and put on my "you must fork
over LOTS of dollars to get this project" face.

10:15am Meeting with exec ed and two other editors to
talk about a non fiction book proposal they have seen and are
"interested in". They want to "explore
ideas". What they really want to do is see the author in
action. Is she attractive? Can she speak well? Is she
charming? Will she look good on TV? Is she a bitch
who will make their lives miserable?

Delicate questions about how much her speaking fees

My job here is to make sure my author knew the hidden agenda
and to prep her with how to answer questions. Also moral
support of course.

This is her first big book deal. She's done smaller books
with regional publishers and she did some quickie POD stuff
that was only sold back of the room at her speeches.

She wants to move up. I want the publisher to offer enough
money to make that move worth her time and effort.

12:10 we regroup over a quick lunch. She's a wreck. Me too.
It's like a job interview. Or speed dating. With a chunk of money
at stake.

1:00 we do round two at Publisher 2. Only five pieces of ID
required in the lobby. Only one editor. Pretty much the
same questions.

3:00 put her back on the train and get back on my train in
the other direction.

4:00 fall in the door of the office to START the day.
4:01 pm call liquor store to see if the delivery man has arrived.
4:02 pm call back up liquor store
4:03 pm go to bodega and discover the healthful benefits of
something called a malt beverage. It's pink. It's cold.
It's better than nothing.

4:15pm Answer emails, answer phone messages. Mostly these
are in response to the stuff I sent out yesterday. Title clarification.
Offer to buy second book in a series.

6:00 pm Mail. Light light day. Yes!!! Mail comes in spurts. After
a three day weekend, it's a mess here. People use the extra
day to write query letters I guess.

6:00 pm compose cover letter for manuscript going out on what
I'm praying will be a preemptive offer. Composing cover letters
is how I share your pain of writing query letters. When I take on a client I try to lift as much as I
can from the original query letter. This one doesn't have that
luxury. He came to me from a client referral. No query, just
a great great manuscript.

The editor I'm sending this to told me she'd read it within the week.
It's five hundred pages so an overnight is really out of the question.
I'll call her or write late next week, probably Thursday morning to
see what she's going to do. Unless she says she's coughing up
an offer, the ms will go to the xerox parlor and have ten copies
made and the following Monday I'll send it to the rest of the herd.

A preempt would be nice. And LOTS less expensive.

7:00 pm cover letter is done. Ms is enveloped and delivery
service booked for the morning.

I'm going to call it a day.

Calls: Outgoing - 2 Incoming -34
Mail: Letters - 5, pkgs 0 (yes!)
Swear words: Required - 75 (minimum for day pounding the pavement in the humidity)

Miss Snark: 1 World: 1


Anonymous said...

You wrote that mail comes in spurts. On what weekday do you generally receive the least mail?

Miss Snark said...

Tuesday generally.
Monday has all of Saturday's mail mixed in so it's hard to tell. Wednesday, Thursday are the worst.
Friday is pretty light.

Crystal* said...

Fascinating. I like the fact you've donned the SuperAgent unitard to help out your author. Very nice. And I'm sure she was appreciative. Enjoying the view into your world.