Day 4: Day Timer Confessions...Final!!

Miss Snark was bad bad bad to the bone today.
Bad I tell you!

8am...NOT in the office
8:30 ...double ibid
I told you it was bad

9:00 Miss Snark slinks into the office carrying a gallon of java, a chocolate pastry, the NYT, wearing her sunglasses, and if we're not mistaken..the SAME ensemble she wore Wednesday.


9:01 am Calls to London to see if everyone is ok. Happily yes.
9:25 am confirm weekend escape route
9:30 am read incoming email. Drink more coffee.

10: 00 am put on telephone headset and make 39 calls in rapid fire order.
these are the follow ups, returning your call, doublechecking detail calls
that happen every day.

11:35 am Friend of long standing duration calls and tempts Miss Snark into
playing hooky. Miss Snark guiltily accepts.

12:00 finish phone calls to update clients on news of the week.

1:20pm race from office to movie theatre, stopping only for cool drink and a cookie.

2:00pm Yay!!! First previews Ive seen for "In Her Shoes" the Cameron Diaz,
Toni Colette movie based on Jennifer Weiner's book. I love Jen. I think
she's just the coolest. And her blog is named after ...ME. (well, ok, not,
but yanno..it could be!!!)

stare at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for two hours.

Miss Snark considers this an afternoon well spent, but slinks back to the office with repentance on her mind.

4:30pm Mail call!!
37 query letters. Nothing so wretched as to make me go "post-al".
But nothing grabs me. Same old same old. I swear if you write a novel
you should reverse the gender of all the characters to see if it makes
it more interesting.

7:00 pm last 100 pages of a manuscript I should have finished copy editing
last night but didn't...bad bad bad. (Miss Snark hangs head in shame)

10:30 sort out which manuscripts come for the weekend. Currently I have eight unread manuscripts from prospective clients and five from current clients who are either doing a second book, rewrites on a book we represent, or rewrites on a book I've sold.
Client manuscripts get top priority so I take three of them.

11:00pm Total up the damage for the day

Phone calls: outgoing: 45, incoming: 17
query letters: 37...all no
swear words: I forgot to count but "a lot" seems reasonable

12:30 am...read the blog comments and hone snarky edge for next day!

Miss Snark 1...world ...smackdown!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for making me spit coffee all over my nice oak desk at work while laughing my ass off.

I don't know why, but for some reason the idea of switching gender's in a character just makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

You were in the office by 9. That's early by my standards ;-)

And I'm with you on Jennifer Weiner. Can't wait to see the movie.