Epublishing in general

Chryscat said:
I would like to know what Miss Snark thinks about epublishing in general. Good? Bad? Indifferent?

(as though Miss Snark has ever been indifferent about anything!!!)

and then Ellen chimed in:

I'd like to know that myself, Chryscat, since I've been writing for epubs for almost two years now. My impression is that some NY editors and agents consider e-publishing a serious credit and some don't (at least in romance, which is what I write), but I'd like to know what Miss Snark thinks on the subject.

Miss Snark LOVES her blog. That's epublishing.
Miss Snark LOVES ArtsJournal.com AND DailyCandy.com. That's epublishing.

So, if you mean, the communication that happens electronically like blogs, newsletters, and discussion boards, Miss Snark puts down her martini glass and rises to cheer.

However, if you mean electronic publishing such as publishing novels on the web, stories on the web and worse, poems, Miss Snark sits back down and asks for another martini .. a double.

Let's start with whether I consider it a serious publishing credit. No.
Let's finish with whether anyone in trade publishing considers it serious work. No.

And it's not the format. It's the problem, to be blunt, of standards.
Anyone can do it. There's no editor looking for good writing, no copy editor checking spelling, no fact checker doublechecking it's Miss Snark not Miss Snarque.

It makes you feel like you've done something, but it's a bit like a juicy Big Mac. It fills you up but there's not a lot of nutrition provided to your writing portfolio.

Plus, from what I've seen, the pay sux. And Miss Snark for all her delicate ways, does like to gnaw on a soupbone and swill a pail of gin pretty regularly. Hard to do that if you're not getting paid.

It's hobby publishing. LIke playing with a garage band that never practices and only gets gigs at Mom's bridge club parties. Sure you're playing...but it's bush league.