Miss Snark retires to the speakeasy for the weekend

Dearest Snarkings,
Miss Snark is slinking off to the speakeasy for her weekly pail of gin and game of cutthroat Go Fish. She'll be back when you least expect it.

Have a great weekend.

Read good books!


What Is Life Worth, Kenneth R Feinberg (Public Affairs)
Saints at the River, Ron Rash (Picador)
Last Night, James Salter (Doubleday)

Anything by Barry Eisler, Alan Furst and Charlie Huston.

The Myron Bolitar books by Harlen Coben

Bleak House, Dickens. Aloud. Trust me.

None of these (sadly) are in the Snark Corral.
I can tout with a clear conscience!!


Kitty said...

Here's the link for MJ Rose's Halo Effect Vid Lit.

Crystal* said...

Have a good one, Miss Snark. We'll anticipate the return of your snarkiness.


Anonymous said...

The husky says, "Ciao bella!"

Molly said...

What?! You can't leave for the weekend, your connection to the blog severed! I get peevish if you don't update at least twice a day as it is ......

You really must get some guest bloggers to tide us over during your absences (which I insist that you minimize).


Anonymous said...

Dearest Miss Snark,

Do enjoy the weekend. However, make sure that the pail is not galvanized. Gin interacts with the metal in a rather nasty manner producing any number of toxic and semi-toxic residual precipitates. Some anthropologists have opined that drinking gin from the wrong pails doomed the Mayan civilization.

Just a heads up... because I care.

W. S. Cross said...

Just ran across your blog. Wonder if you're one of the 756 agents???

Miss Snark said...

My agency is on every list known to authorkind..including ones that Nigerians wanting to send money subscribe to.