Miss Snark turns Green...

with envy. While she's been over here snarking about, Agent 007 has been getting some GREAT questions from writers.

I like the one "do you google" prospective authors.
Yes. If they tell me they've written something I always google.
That's how you find out they meant they printed something up at iUniverse.

If someone is coming in with major nonfiction and needs platform credibility, you bet.

A recent query brought a proposal to write about television shows. The author proposed to interview the stars of shows like Happy Days. Knowing Richie Cunningham and the Fonz doesn't exactly hang out at Starbucks on 59th Street, I asked how he proposed to reach all these people. He sent me a copy of the letter he'd sent to about 50 people. It started out "hi, how are you? I am fine.". I realized this author was still in high school. I think he was all of 17.
The amazing thing was...he'd gotten replies. I guess tv stars are nicer than literary agents.