Ok Ok Miss Snark's imperfections revealed

Ok Snarklings one and all, yes Miss Snark used terms incorrectly.
Yes, all of you, who wrote to take Miss Snark to task, are correct. (and by the way, thank you)

For those who didn't catch the mistake and still think of Miss Snark as perfection in pumps, herewith:

POD is print on demand. It's a printing technology. You get actual paper. POD books can look like actual hold in your hand, read in the bathtub books.

Ebook is electronic text. This blog is electronic for example. Ebooks are read on little ebook machines. Miss Snark has seen them, and so far, can't stand them. But there are devotees who would read everything in e-format if they could. Sarah's blog has a comment on this after her post on TPO yesterday.

So, charging someone $24.95 to download 80 pages from a PDF file isn't really POD and it sure as heck isn't an ebook. It's like xeroxing the professor's teaching notes for class.

There's nothing inherently wrong or bad about POD. It has become a shorthand way to refer to junk publishing but 35 years ago "Made in Japan" was synonomous with junk manufacturing. Things do change. Miss Snark is one of those who thinks POD is going to have a much bigger place in the publishing world relatively soon.

And now, time to go earn my keep.


Anonymous said...

And what is Ms. Snark's definition of "much bigger place"?

Miss Snark said...

see post on "The Wave of the Future". Very big. As in, mass market ppbk market size. Scoff not, beloved snarklings. "on demand" is already here with HBO, Showtime and Chinese take out. Literature isn't an alien life form impervious to the desires of the marketplace.

Anonymous said...

...I'm wondering if Miss Snark can remark on the habit of imprints such as Vintage using POD for some of its "Contemporaries" series. . . I notieced that my pb with them is now slicker and cheaper-looking. Is this POD or just money-saving? Will POD become the way the pubs keep books "in print" contractually but without really selling them?

Kitty said...

Speaking of PODs, I see that Jules Verne's The Underground City is being printed by Lulu.

It's also being published by Luath Press, Ltd. in the UK.

Miss Snark said...

I'd be VERY surprised if Vintage is using POD technology to print anything except rejection letters (insert sardonic snort here).

POD is useful only in small print runs. By small I mean fewer than 700 copies. The reason is that book #1 has the same unit cost as book #700.

For traditional or offset press runs, there is economy of scale or "pay less the more you buy". Like you pay less for a case of hooch than you do for a single bottle.

Vintage may be watching their pennies by printing on cheap ass paper but I'll bet my last bottle of rum it's from traditional printing.

Anonymous said...

...thanks for yr perspective on that. . . it makes the royalty statement an even funnier read.