Pay attention damnit!

After slogging about in the muck of manuscripts, I treated
myself to an Edna Buchanan novel. I heard her talk
at BEA and I'd read her Brit Montero novels and
thought the new series Cold Case Squad would be
a good beach read.

Well, yes, it is. Edna Buchanan is a damn good writer.

So, if she's such a damn good writer, how come she's
repeating her jokes? To wit: "he died hungry". She used
it in The Corpse Had A Familiar Face and she uses it here
as the closing line in a scene. It was funny the first
time, and it's funny now..but did she think we wouldn't

Or, is it ok to repeat jokes like that? I guess I could be
persuaded. It's not like she's screwing up back story
a la Robert Parker's Spenser series when it's REAL clear
that he's forgotten what he wrote in the first books.

But, I did notice. And anyone who's read both books
will notice. Will it stop me from reading her books?
Heavens no. I think she's really fun to read.

So, Miss B, if you repeated it cause you'd forgotten you'd
written it once before, go read the book.
It's good stuff.

And if you recycled it cause you thought we'd never
notice...we did.

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