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It has come to my attention that certain of my brethren are touting their books about publishing via their rejection letters.

As a sales tool, this idea never occurred to Miss Snark. But then, it failed to occur to her to charge reading fees too. Silly Snark.

Some time back there was a very large scandal about "literary agents" charging reading fees with the unspoken idea that paying up front increased the chance you'd make it onto the agency's roster. Some "agents" never sold anything but earned a tidy living from such fees.

AAR, the junkyard dog of agent decorum, frowns on this. Frowns mightily one might even say. As in: you can't do it and be a member.

Touting one's own books, for which one is paid a royalty, via a rejection letter, is not the same thing really. But it's morally the same. "buy this, pay this and you will learn".

There are some excellent books about publishing written by agents, editors, and others in the Wordosphere. I don't object to the writing, publishing, and hopefully blockbuster sales of such tomes.

I object to using a rejection letter to tout them.
A list of available references is less slimey.
A list of places like Writers Market, and other writing websites, okay.
And agents who recommend books they DON'T have a pecuniary interest in...fine and dandy.

But, "sorry not for us" and oh by the way here's a book I wrote on how to grab an editor's/agent's attention"...that's slime.

So, if anyone wants to know here's what I think:
cut it out.

It makes you look like a cheap ass huckster. God knows we can
look bad enough without actually ADDING material to query letters
that makes it worse.

And if any snarklings care to submit specifics of agencies who do this, I'll post them.

PS After a few postings on this topic, I've decided to close the comment bin and ask that if you have comments or input on this subject to email me directly.
misssnark@earthlink.net will get to me.

I will post about this again, but I think i need to filter the comments rather than just have them straight up since we are talking about specific people.