Questions from the Snarklings!!

Rene asked:

Agent 007 also warned bloggers about posting their rejection travails on their blogs, but would you bother reading a writer's blog?

No one has ever mentioned his/her blog in their query letter to me. I don't take e-queries so I don't see electronic signatures that might show them. I skim a fair number of blogs, but Im devoted only to about ten of them.

If an agent has had my requested full manuscript for 8 months, is that too long and should I start being proactive?


Why do agents have blanket "exclusive" policies on requested manuscripts?

they do? I don't. From the comments on the post on exclusivity below (it might be archived now) several other agents don't. Most of my colleagues don't.

Umm, what is a pre-emptive?

If something is sold on "a preempt" it means the acquiring editor coughed up enough money to keep everyone else out of the game.

And the man with the Husky and a yen for Miss Snark's poodle asks:

I'm the same one who wants to know whether reputable agents send contracts immediately (at 007) and the one whose Siberian husky has a playdate with your poodle. :-)

well, let's define immediately.
Before you send the query? No
After you send the $180 for a manuscript review? No.

Before you've had a chance to ask a single question?
Or before s/he's asked YOU a single question? No and really no.

If I find something I like I jump on it with all eight feet (my four and of course the poodle's).
I'd much rather be selling your work than gazing into my crystal ball trying to find this week's lottery numbers.

That said, I've also made people jump through fences and over hoops to get stuff ready before I coughed up an offer. Mostly though if it's good, I jump. 30 days isn't uncommon.