Rock on!

Courtesy of ArtsJournal
comes the reason that Miss Snark now styles the blog as "The Blog that Rocked Your World".

It's been a crappy day so far. You can tell...it's barely noon and I'm already blogging.


Crystal* said...

Too much of a good thing. And I refuse to believe that mauve is the color that changed the world. Refuse.
Crappy writing day. Hoping for 2000 like yesterday and only hit 1200.
It's only 5:00 pm, and I've already commented on everyone's blog and blogged on my own.

You heading to Reno, Miss Snark?

Miss Snark said...

Leave New York City when it's 90 degrees and 110% humidity? Heaven's no. Miss Snark is chained to her desk, carefully reading all her query letters.

Have a good time. Don't hit on 16, and sit to the left of the old cowboy who hasn't shaved at black jack.
He'll help you win.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Snark:
I know you like change, but please bring back your old saying/logo?/creed? It was much more unique than a mere rocking the world. You could always "crush" your enemies or the ignorant or deserving cretins rather than just writers (Since you've obviously spent a lot of time posting posts that help writers rather than crush them.)

Just one small opinion.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you, Miss Snark. It's soooo you!