So, who's making money here?

PW Daily reports that Amazon's 1.5 million advance orders for Mr. Potter was a break even venture.

PW is a a subscription site but here's the first paragraph.

Despite receiving 1.5 million advance orders for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Amazon only broke even on the title, the result of deep discounting and shipping incentives, company executives said yesterday in a conference call discussing second quarter results. Amazon chairman Jeff Bezos said the Half-Blood event was a "fantastic opportunity" for Amazon to show kids and their parents how easy it is to use the e-retailer. Amazon shipped Half-Blood to 165 countries.

Right Jeff...like any kid past kindergarten doesn't know how to use click and drag.

And then, without any hint of irony the article goes on to say there was no bump in other products in the second quarter either.

So, Amazon is doing a loss leader on HP and not seeing a bump in other products. Jeff Bezos is a smart guy but I guess Im missing out on where he's earning any money here.

Authors make hardly any money on sales through WalMart and the big box stores like Costco. Amazon isn't making money on the huge volume of sales.

Are the only people who make serious money in publishing the printers and UPS?

JK Rowling is now richer than the Queen of England. Maybe she should teach Jeff Bezos how to write novels.