Take THAT Mr McSweegee

....er I mean McSweeney.

Dave Eggars is all over the blogosphere with his comments about snarkiness being akin to pissing into the pond of publishing. (Miss Snark is not taking this personally...yet)

Fortunately a better man than I, James Atlas, has already dealt effectively with that kind of crap.

From The Atlantic's Fiction Issue:

"Imbued with the righteous moral fervor of a revolutionary, the negativist -to introduce a new literary type- is more pesuasive than the encomiast, who tends to resort to the bland formulaic language of praise. There is an urgency about the eloquent negative review, a prosecutorial zeal..."

and closing with
"Good manners are the sign of a dull literary era."

And this was written in 1981.

I cough up my cash for this at St Marks Bookshop, a wonderful place to while away the hours on a rainy day. If you stand by the lit magazine section, you can overhear the most amazing conversations.


Anonymous said...

Samuel Johnson said, "The Irish are a fair people, they never speak well of one another." This was prompted by his disdain for the English writers of his time--who always spoke well of one another.

Miss Snark said...

Some time ago I read a terrible book whose title has mercifully escaped me. It was about a Miss Universe-like pageant. It did have a memorable idea though: beautiful and "nice" girls have a conversational code. To wit:

BandNGirl1: Do you like this lipstick?
BandNGirl2: It's very nice.
BandNGirl1: I don't like it either.

Which is evocative of the Southern phrase "bless her heart" which can make even the most vile comment 'passable'.

"She was arrested for shoplifting Viagra, bless her heart"

And now back to my slush pile, bless their little hearts.