Vid Lit!! I TOLD you so!!!

From Publishers Lunch, the source of many a mid day snack comes this:

Lexington's newspaper reports: "In addition to hardback and paperback copies of books on The New York Times' best seller list, the store at Blue Grass Airport will have a children's section; an online station allowing people to log onto The New York Times Web site; a plasma screen television running programming from the Discovery Times Channel,...

book-related videos, !!!!!!!!

and news and documentaries produced by The New York Times; and New York Times souvenirs and gifts. Of course, the newspaper itself will be for sale there."

Some posts back we had a peek at MJ Rose's new vid lit for her new book. I'm too lazy to go look up the link right now, but it's there under The Wave of the Future.

And yes Snarklings, right there in Lexington Kentucky is one of the first places I've heard of that's going to be running "book related videos"..

Perfect for airport stores.

I knew this would be big.

Anyone who actually sees this new store, I'd love to hear from you.

And now, back to actually working....sooooo tedious.

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