Yes, Miss Snark has a little addiction problem

I confess it.
I'm addicted to books.
Nice ones.
Hardcover ones.
NEW hardcover ones.
I love the smell of them, the feel of them,
the taste...oh wait, never mind...TMI.

Having this addiction can be expensive.
However, Miss Snark has fallen upon the
secret of booklovers, particularly lovers
of fiction, here in New York City.

The Mercantile Library

For a mere pittance of a membership fee you
belong to a library that has all the delicious
new hardcover books you want.

And if you want something they don't have,
they will buy it for you. Honest. Amazing huh.

The Merc is how I indulge my dedication to
hardcover mysteries. As a toilier in the lilyfield
of publishing, I'm frequently paid in
bee spit, rather than hard currency.

The Merc makes it possible to be a
productive member of society while
remaining a full fledged book addict.

And get your hands off that new Walter Mosley.
That's MINE!

1 comment:

Remodeling Repartee said...

I LOVE Walter Mosley.

He helped me learn how to plot. Hmm. Better read a few more actually.