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"Where are you going? How you can leave?"

Ronnie flipped her scarf over her shoulder. The tail end came around to whack her across the mouth. "Pth, pth," she said, spitting the cloth from her lips and grabbing the knit hat hanging from a peg in the hallway. "Put my coat on and go? I can't be late again, Troy. I can't. I'm already going to be sneaking in the back way."

"Ronnie. That's your sister," he said, jerking his thumb at the TV. "Take your coat off. Your boss will understand." He snatched the hat from her fingers and let it dangle from his.

"Give me my hat back."

"Stay. Give her a call."

"Give her a call?" she asked, feeling her eyes narrow. "You think I should give her a call?" Ronnie took a deep breath and pulled her gloves on. "I hate to break it to you but it's not like the show is live or something. All that, there," she waved disgustedly at the living room, "probably happened months ago. If there was anything to be done about it, it would have already been done. Trust me. There's nothing I can do, Troy."

"You can call her," he said, raising her hat even higher so that she would have to jump to get within snatching-back distance of it. "See how she's doing. I'd do it for my sister."

"You don't have a sister," she reminded him as she gave in and jumped.

He jerked the hat away. "If I had a sister, then."

I'd keep reading for sure. Starts quickly, in the middle of action, and there is clearly something happening.

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Tracy said...

Rock. Thanks, Miss Snark. You're awesome.