Call for Questions

Its 95 degrees.
It's three days before vacation.
Miss Snark has not one single ounce of interesting left in her.

Time for Questions!!

You may email Miss Snark directly

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Christine said...

OK, Miss Snark. What kinds of things do you think an agent looks for in a potential client? Besides good writing. I'm referring to people who perhaps already have a book out in the universe.

A go-getter? Someone willing to do signings, and read fan mail, and update their website periodically? Someone elusive, mysterious, a hermit?

Both types of authors exist - which do YOU prefer?

kitty said...

How many books have you sold?

kitty said...

Have you picked up any new clients via this blog?

Miss Snark said...

so far kitty you owe me coffee, three blue pens, and 16 pages of a manuscript for making me laugh so hard a week ago. Now, you can add: one martini, an order of lo mein, three MORE blue pens, and the new Bret Easton Ellis novel.

How many books?
The answer is always "not enough". One this week, one last week, and one the week before. Not all of them are announced cause I wait for signed contracts before making it public (a practice a colleague learned to do the hard way..and I paid attention when she told me about it) so don't start cross referencing at Publishers Marketplace.

And no clients from this blog. I have a regular website and a listing in all the major sources of agents lists. I get 50-75 query letters a week addressed to Snark Central.

The blog is just for fun. If Snarklings read it, have fun, learn a few things, so much the better. I do it cause I love it. Much better to rant here than at the Coffee Shop where some sharp eared editor might overhear me.

I'm not here recruiting. I'm here to Snark!

Rene said...

Is there a length of time a writer should submit a ms for or should they keep going as long as they are getting requests?

Miss Snark said...

Rene, it's probably ALL Kitty's fault since she made me spill my drink into my lo mein, so im sober and starving, but I don't exactly understand the question.

Could you elaborate? Submit to agents? Submit to publishers? More letters in the puzzle please Vanna!

Anonymous said...

Have you found that an editor's political opinions affect their treatment of submissions?
After reading some editor's blogs, one has the feeling that even a mild comment by a character in a submission may be enough to damn an ms.

Anonymous said...

Do agents poach writers from other agents? How often does it happen?

kitty said...

Mmmmmmmmm, lo mein :-)
Vodka Martini or gin?

Molly said...

Vacation? Hello? Has no one picked up on the darker implications of this?

The most important question to ask is ... actually can't even bring myself to type the query ...

Not that I am addicted to this blog or anything.

Anonymous said...

You're brave.
I thought the same.

Finch said...

Miss Snark,

When you send a manuscript to editors, do you focus on larger houses before making inquiries to smaller ones? How strongly do you and/or other agents focus on making sales to the bigger publishers?


Anonymous said...

Several agents who are listed on just about all the agency sites and have sold many, many books over the years, will send a writers entire manuscript to editors based solely on the synopsis and bio. It is very clear that these agents did not read the manuscript. They then tell the writers that they will be their agents only if the editor/publisher makes an offer. So the writer waits and of course loses out on other agents who are interested and take the time to read the manuscript. Three writers did this and, I think, wasted time and perhaps ruined their chances.
What does Miss Snark think of this practice? Has anyone else done this or heard of it?

Anonymous said...

What are the three most common reasons you reject a manuscript? In other words, if you had stamps you could use on manuscripts, what would the three you use most often say?