Fact checking...yet again!

Miss Snark has been a voice in the wilderness about non fiction fact checking for lo! these many posts. NOW comes a companion in the quest.

Jessa, whom we normally know as the Bookslut takes time away from her reading couch to rattle them pots and pans. Recently she discovered that cookbooks aren't checked either. No one makes sure two tablespoons wasn't transcribed from two teaspoons, let alone 2-3 minutes became 23 minutes for boiling beans.

This is nuts.

Do we REALLY want to be this sloppy?

We should be ashamed of ourselves as an industry for being so cavalier about what we sell. If Ford Motor Company did this, the damn Justice Department would shut them down.

Our product is books and while we like to think of it as art and all that stuff, in the end, particularly with cookbooks for godsake, people want to use the damn thing.

Let's get off our asses and check this stuff.

I volunteer for all the drinks books, dessert books and the love potions.


Mama Rose said...

LOL!! I'll volunteer for main dishes, veggies, and side dishes. :)

Anonymous said...

It's going to be a continuing problem in an industry that has no interest in keeping good copy editors employed--and good copy editors check everything they can, and at top speed.

Recipe mistakes are only one serious problem. I just proofed a children's activities book that contained many, many arithmetic errors, such as 18 feet = 9 yards = 5.5 meters.

I also play the word games and do the crossword puzzles. Why should children suffer from careless writers?