First Page Syndrome

A snarkling wondered what my references to First Page Syndrome meant.

I made up the term to mean reflect the problem inherent in reading only reading one page, it's a very limited look at the writer's work. Query letters should have at least 3-5 pages of the novel. Even if something is horrible on page one, I try to read at least three pages just in case a miracle occurs.

With just the one page posted here, we don't see what may make things clearer if they are on page two. Thus: FPS. It can also mean Full Phrontal Snark...but that's another page.

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Anonymous said...


Full Phrontal Snark or no, this exercise really drove home what an impact the first 300 words can have.

And if there are any typos in this comment, it's because I'm PUI (Posting Under the Influence).