oh just step on my heart and grind your heel in, why NOT.

There are those out there in the cold cruel world of writers who take great sadistic pleasure in breaking Miss Snark's tender little heart.

Just tonight, as she daintily plied her trade in the slush pile (Monday requires over time on this) Miss Snark found a WONDERFUL query. Fabulous concept. Mordant humor. Miss Snark actually smiled...a rare event at 9pm on Monday.

Then...she saw it. First one, then another. Then the third.
Typos Snarklings.
Not one, not two..MANY.

It just was so DAMN disappointing.

I don't want to have to copy edit a manuscript. I don't want to have to double check every word, every time I read a draft.

I don't want to do it so much that I wrote this hapless author a letter that required an asbestos envelope and should be read while wearing asbestos underpants.

Copy edit your stuff.


chryscat said...

Now THAT is a tragedy. And that poor author will never know how close they came. Maybe this person will pull their head out of their hindquarters and use that handy, dandy button called "spell check." Stranger things have happened.
Sorry about the disappointment, Miss Snark. I do hope your heart heals in time to find the next, great slushie. Who can spell.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Snarkmeister doesn't say whether or not she said no.

Miss Snark said...

Any letter requiring asbestos underpants can be considered a rejection.

Those requiring a hot pad holder are a maybe.

Those that just whistle like a teapot..those are a yes.