Ok...let's dust off the Crapmeter and take it out for a hayride

Miss Snark needs to hone her snarkieness so let's see what ya'll have for her chomping pleasure.

Let's do first pages again.

To have your first page run through the Is It Crap meter, it must be:
From a novel (ie no non fiction, no memoirs, no essays, no poems)
Less than 300 words.
Emailed to me. misssnark@earthlink.net
---in the body of the email, no attachments.
---sometime during the 24 hours of Sunday, 8/285, eastern time.

Tell me what kind of novel it is in less than five words ie thriller, science fiction, women' s fiction, lugubrious self referential fiction...yanno, the usual.

You must tell me it's ok to post it and make comments about it on the blog.

All entries that miss one or more of the qualifications will be sneered at, ignored, and used as grist for future postings about people who want to be writers but can't seem to read.


kitty said...

LOL Just noticed "Snarcotics." I like that.

Miss Snark said...

I stole it from a Snarkling!
I love it too.

Douglas Hoffman said...

It's in the mail. Have at me!

Kadi Easley said...

Okay, it's on the way. EEK.

Rebecca said...

I jjjjjust cccccan't do it tonight. My fingernails are already bitten to the quick--tough weekend. However, dear Miss Snark, I've learned a lot just reading your crits of those brave snarklings (thank you all) who threw themselves under the bus. Thank you for this. I missed you, along with most of the writing universe, at least those of us with superior intelligence. Glad you're back with the snark-o-meter up to full power.

Demented M said...

I was out of town and missed this post *pout*.

It's been great to see you deconstruct these snippets--I'm learning alot. Thanks for taking the time to do this.