Park the Car in Snarkly Yard

'writes a snarkling:

Thank you again, Miss Snark, for this example. I've been stuck in a car all day writing imaginary queries in my mind. Yours gave me great ideas.

Let us all remember here, Miss Snark lives in New York City.
"stuck in a car all day" evokes images of a subway, jaws of life, and strapping young men from the FDNY racing to her rescue.

After a brief pause to regain her composure, apply a cold compress to her brow and banish thoughts of brawny boys in turnout togs,
Miss Snark is moved to ponder: what does one do all day in a car?

Is this one of those disconnects between residents of the 212 and all others?
Like the idea of avocado on pizza?
Not locking your door?
Speaking to strangers on the street?

Miss Snark feels she may be having a Crocodile Dundee in reverse moment here.
Off to moisturize.


Anonymous said...

Stilettos + Beefeaters + togged firemen = 212.

Skid-proof Sketchers + Coors Light + toothless firemen = 765.

Simple math, really.

Anonymous said...

Two words--carpool mom. I know that is about as Sci-Fi as an agent in the 212 can imagine, but it is the life of many smart, talented, underestimated writers.

Anonymous said...

Clair Cook was a carpool mom. They've just made a film out of one of her books- starring John Cusack and that one chick...

Anonymous said...

I spend most of my day in a car. You listen to audio books, of course.

kitty said...

I was stuck in a car with a 4-yr-old for 4+ hours (roundtrip) while he kept asking, "Are we almost there yet? How many more minutes?" Area codes covered: 607 & 570. Diehard flyover country.

kitty said...

That said, if Denis RESCUE ME Leary were the one to rescue me, I'd gladly listen to the 4-yr-old for a while longer :)