Poaching clients...or frying, fricaseeing, filleting or fonduing

Do agents poach writers from other agents? How often does it happen?

wow, I don't know!
Can I have some of yours?
Oh wait, no, "that would be wrong".

That said...one snark's poaching is another agent's inablity to get the job done.
Or changing neeeds.
Or something.

It's a free market economy. People can move their business from vendor to vendor.

However, you come near Miss Snark's roster with anything other than a book for an autograph and a sweet smile, you're going to be looking at the scary side of Snark.


Anonymous said...

I love you and am totally addicted and you are my newly-invented cure for procrastination--whenever I do something tedious that I have been putting off forever, like feeding my kids dinner or hiding the empty gin bottles in the bottom of the recycling bin, I reward myself with a visit to your Website.

However (I'm sure you, as an agent are very familiar with the "yes, but" clause, as in "I love the idea, BUT..." "it's just not for us," or "I don't love it enough to champion it through the very competitive marketplace") I am really, really bugged when you put the period outside of the quotation marks. Is this because you type so quickly and can't be bothered to proofread. (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

I think I am getting an insecurity complex, figuring I have all the rules of puncuation wrong, and I tend to use lots of dashes and parentheses and so this is a huge phobia of mine.

Anyway, it would be absolutely appropriate and called-for (at least one unnecessary adverb there! and your blog comments does not allow for "spell-check") for you to call me out on my poor puncuation, but, after all, you are the expert, n'est pas?

Molly said...

The punctuation outside the quotes is a British-style thing.

I hope the multiple comments sniping at miniscule grammar and punctuation errors in Miss Snark's posts do not eventually lead her to think that taking the time to answer our questions, to share her insights is no longer worth it.

Miss Snark said...

Miss Snark is tough.
Miss Snark sneers at punctuation.
Miss Snark Eats, Shoots, and Leaves.

Anonymous said...

I also think that people who can't be bothered enough to proofread their own spelling (it's punctuation, not puncuation) should be complaining about other people's grammar on a blog. Just my personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above, please proofread carefully your own snark about Miss Snark's proofing pecadilloes. Carefully. Do you see? Look closely at what you wrote. Still don't see it? Here we have, friends and neighbors, the proverbial pot calling the kettle "black."

Anonymous said...

And I believe it's n'est-ce pas, is it not?

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Well, heck, I got a degree in English, with honors, and I can misplace a modifier with the best of 'em. In my mss, I try to catch it. If I spent as much time trying to catch it on my blogging, I'd never write. :) When in doubt, see Strunk and White.