Show me the money...(you can keep Tom Cruise though)

Wonders a Snarkling:

However, I'm wondering what is the thing that creates this "more money" of which you speak.

Miss Snark interrupts to edify:
"more money" is from the post on the value of blogs in getting a book deal.

LOL. Is it Just Traffic, or is it content, and if it's content, what type of content?And, you know, who are you? Hey, I had to try...... :)

Traffic. The number of people who see your name, know your work and are thus "warmer" sales prospects than the cold hard herd at WalMart...that's what entices editors.

As to who Miss Snark is, surely you jest. That's like pulling the mask of the ol Lone Ranger, tugging on Superman's cape AND spitting into the wind.

And now Sayonara Snarklings, Miss Snark sails off into the sunset of another Saturday night with her lorgnette, gin pail and well thumbed copy of X Rated New York .


Anonymous said...

what is an X Rated New York? New Yorker pr0n?

Anonymous said...

Have a good one, Miss Snark!

Anonymous said...

>And now Sayonara Snarklings,
>Miss Snark sails off into the
>sunset of another Saturday night
>with her lorgnette, gin pail and
>well thumbed copy of X Rated
>New York .

"Sails off into the sunset"--?--!!-???

Shame, Miss S.


And a misplaced period?


_And_ a hyphenless "well thumbed"?


I'm appropriating that gin pail.

Molly said...

My vote is to turn off Anonymous commenting here.

Yes, I know most Blogger identities are virtually anonymous, but by anchoring comments to a specific identity or three, it does tend to make comments a bit more thoughtful.

Miss Snark said...

Gimme back that gin pail.
And copy editing comments posted on a Saturday night is just sick and wrong. My seconds will be calling you any day now with a details of the challenge.

As for removing the anon option of the identies...Miss Snark being fully cloaked herself would find it a touch hypocritical. Besides, Miss Snark sees all and knows all. She can't punctuate it all properly, but that's another story

Anonymous said...

Luna, that tics me off. Why should it bother you that some posters choose a simple anon, rather than a gratitutious and equally anon id? Why do you wish to exclude them? If this has become a cosy clique, then Miss Snark sets the rules.
There are several good reasons why some choose anon.I won't list them. They are obvious.
Much has been made about writers having a "voice". Even in these brief responses, one can often identify various anons by their "voice."

Molly said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Molly said...

Of course it ticks you off, Anonymous poster #5347.

But as Miss Snark as noted above, she is standing by her decision, so I consider the matter closed.

Anonymous said...

>Gimme back that gin pail.
>And copy editing comments posted
>on a Saturday night is just sick
>and wrong. My seconds will be
>calling you any day now with
>a details of the challenge.

I suggest a bottom-paddling contest.


Excuse me, did I say that _out loud_?

Great heavens to Betsy.

That vision of snarky anatomy was just too titillating.

BTW, not to be picayune (actually, to be picayune as hell), you made yet _another_ copy editing error:

>calling you any day now with a details of the challenge.

I know it was intentional.

I implore you: _please_ stop toying with us.


Miss Snark said...

Why does Miss Snark have visions of her correspondence with M. Anon above being published in some sort of tell all revelatory look at the publishing business?

Enough chatter.
Everyone return to reading.