That's all for tonight Snarklings

We're up to 22 pages, out of 77 or so.
#22 was sent in around 11:00am in case you're monitoring your progress.

A reminder for latecomers to the blog: submissions are closed for now but hang out and we'll do this again.

We'll finish the Snarkometer pages this week and then do some query letters next week. After that, sad to say, the fall season begins and Miss Snark will actually have to DO all the things she's yapping about! That means fewer posts and appreciably less commentary on pages and query letters. More ranting though!

For those of you who sent in questions, never fear. I've got the list and I'll get to them.

And if you need something to keep your mind occupied, keep thinking of "snarkisms". So far I have "snarcotics squad" and "snarkolepsy" and "sneerage". You all are just too much, I love your minds!


Danni said...

I'm new to your blog, but wow, talk about snarkalicious. This is really interesting and very very helpful. Already I've gone over several of my works in progress and managed to tighten up entire chapters with minor tweaking. Thanks, and count me as a new snarkling please!

Anonymous said...

How about:

- tiger snark
- snarkasm (no, it's from sarcasm)
- the gospel according to snark

Anonymous said...

A shiny snarkle for her snarkship.

When you take aim from the top of your desk and fire at manuscripts, you're a snarper?

Ray's Dog

Tony the A said...

snark of the covenant
snark the herald angels sing

Anonymous said...

I think I speak for many when I say that the time you are spending on critique is appreciated (and, methinks, unprecedented).

I'm suprised you haven't commented on the -- ur -- interesting collection of poems (odes?) that were left on the altar in your absence.

Melly said...

Wow. I can't keep up with you. How do you do it so fast?
You critique and post faster than I can read :)

Carolyn said...

Dear Miss Snark,

I know agents are all very busy, but why do most of them write in code, e.g., "not quite right for my list"?

I know you can't speak for other agents, but why not just tell us what's wrong: the plot goes off in ten directions, there's too much telling and not enough showing, not one of the characters is likable, too much description and backstory, start your story with a BANG. This kind of comment would really help me (and I suspect other writers) get to be a better writers.

We've all taken classes and know this stuff, but we don't see our mistakes. We see what members in our critique group are doing wrong, but we don't see it when we do it. A reminder from an agent would be so terrific!

We want to please you and get our books published so you can make your 15%, but it's hard to do that when we don't know what agents want.

I'm tough, I thrive on criticism. It just makes me try harder!

Which is why I appreciate your candor. I hope you're doing the same kind of critique when someone sends you a real-life critique to your agency. One can only dream.

To save time so you don't have to compose responses, which I guess is probably why we get those dreaded form letters, here's an idea. Why not just draw up a checklist of things that are wrong with submissions, then check off the ones that apply when a writer makes a submission and return it in the SASE. We'd know a lot more, and it wouldn't take a lot of your valuable time.

Just an idea...

rachel said...


Rowan said...

How about Snarktacular?

Anonymous said...

On your snark, get set, go!

No more snarking up the wrong tree?

Snark raving mad?

Thanks for these, Miss Snark!

Jill said...

OK, I've got to come out of lurkdom and jump in here...

Central Snark
Card snark
Noah snark
It was a snarkin' stormy night...

Travis said...


Travis said...

Oops. Sorry about the double-up on the snarchitect. You get the bonus points, Tony.

Peter L. Winkler said...

The Blue Bird of Snarkiness

It's Always Snarkest Before the Dawn


In Snark We Trust

The Snark Also Rises

Peter L. Winkler said...

Too many awful queries and you could go...

Snark raving mad.

Then you'd run screaming into the night snark naked.