Vacation Announcement...here, have a tissue

More than one dear dear Snarkling has expressed sadness at the impending vacation of Miss Snark.

Miss Snark would be less then honest if she said such professions of devotion do not warm the cockles of her cold little cardio vascular system.

Miss Snark however takes a vacation or the free world will suffer. Trust me on this.

I'll be gone from Monday 8/15 to Saturday 8/29.

And while, yes dear Molly, there ARE internet cafes everywhere, Miss Snark intends to cavorting with George Clooney in a far far port of call untouched by electricity.
Or something like that. The George Clooney part may have to be filled by a player to be named later.

So, no posts.
Miss Snark intends to think about something other than publishing for awhile.

Rent boys
The deep blue sea

Then she'll come back.


Anonymous said...

Alas, Miss Snark, I'll be lost without you.

Have a wonderful vacation, and good luck with George.

I'll be haunting this space waiting for your return.


A Snarkette.

kitty said...

Since this is a Seinfeld-friendly blog ... Is your real name Elaine Benes? ... here's to a marvelous vacation with George "no shrinkage problem" Clooney ;)

kitty said...

Let George cook you a lobster dinner on your vacation :)

rachel said...

Have a great time! I just discovered your blog and find it very instructive, so I will miss the daily dose(s). However, I will use the extra time to finish up the novel! No partials over here, ha ha!

-- a Snarkling in Training (a SNIT?)

Anonymous said...

Have a great time.
While you're gone we'll be working hard to meet your standards...

Alphabet101 said...

We shall miss you Miss Snark. And if you do happen upon Mr. Clooney, give him a little pat on the butt for me, will you?

A Devoted Snarkling

Christine said...

Yeah, with you gone I might actually get some work done on my WIP's.

Bill Peschel said...

Have a great time and I hope you find a souvenier rent boy to take home for your mantlepiece.

Anonymous said...

`wrings hands~
Feel like bursting into a chorus of the "Master Rahl" sequence in Wizard's First Rule/
I will miss you.
Come back refreshed.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

How shall I procrastinate on my manuscript (and master's thesis too!) without Miss Snark's daily snarking? OMG, I may actually have to write.

Jan said...

*lmao* at Master Rahl chorus!
Ms. Snark guide us.
Ms. Snark protect us.

damnm, I dont remember the rest... too funny.. have a great vacation Ms. Snark!


Liz Wolfe said...

Miss Snark guide us.
Miss Snark teach us.
Miss Snark protect us.
In your light we thrive.
In your mercy we are sheltered.
In your wisdom we are humbled.
We live only to serve.
Our lives are yours.

Well, it sounds pretty good right up to those last two lines.

kitty said...

Miss Snark is Elaine Benes!

Miss Snark said...

NOW you've done it Kitty.

So far your damage total is: six blue pens, one coffee, one vodka martini, one carton of lo mein, and sixteen pages of manuscript (trust me the call to that author was NOT pretty).

Add to that now: another coffee, Miss Snark's passport, vacation itinerary, her most recent Publishers Weekly AND George Clooney's home phone number written on a scrap of scented paper.

You're toast Kitty. Toast.

kitty said...

Think of your earning potential from just the merchandising:
Miss Snark gin buckets
Miss Snark t-shirts
Miss Snark PENS!
Miss Snark coffee cups
Miss Snark keyboards

Not to mention a mega book deal about you and the totally sponge-worthy George Clooney! Oooo, you could retire on that baby alone!

Miss Snark said...

Now we see your evil plan. You want Miss Snark to retire!! Well my little feline friend, not so fast! Miss Snark is only going on vacation...she WILL be back!!
And that is pails of gin, not buckets. It's a very important distinction.

kitty said...

I guess Shyster Snark Esq will have to sue EW ;)

Mama Rose said...

Have a great vacation! See you when you get back. :)

Jan said...

Kitty has a pretty good idea, Ms. Snark. You should make some shirts and mugs on CafePress or something. I have to admit I would buy a shirt with snarkiness on it.


Miss Snark said...

I worry about you two. With those feverish minds and ripe imaginations, I fear for the fate of the free world if you two ever meet, let alone combine forces. Cold fusion indeed.

Miss Snark reserves all merchandising rights for herself. Movie rights to her life are however, ..um..."available" if certain conditions are met.