Vaya con carne, dear snarklings

That's all for tonight. The last post I put up on the blog came in at 4:54pm if you're tracking your place in line. There are about 30 entries left to go.

Miss Snark will now retire to her lawn chaise with gin pail and latest issue of EW to track the goings on of Mr. Clooney, her lust object.

(Actually, I'm reading Lunar Park and I can only read about one chapter a night so it's taking me forever to get through it. Is anyone else reading this? )


kitty said...

Uh-oh. Someone named Victoria Lindrea is in Venice -- Italy, not Florida -- "desperately seeking" your Mr. Sponge Worthy.

elsa said...

Just came across your blog a few days ago and I enjoy it immensely. Thank you.

Miss Snark said...

Thank you Elsa! It's always so nice to get another snarkling in the fold. I'm glad you enjoy it cause I love doing it.

And Kitty....she can't find him cause he's here at Snark Central...reading the slush pile for me so we can go out later for a session of Roller Derby. Honest!

Anonymous said...

i finished lunar park last week. the first quarter of it was good, and then theres a decent joycean sentence to wrap the whole thing up, but thats about it. i felt brets voice was still fun and engaging, but the story and mixing of genres was just silly.

cynthialord said...

Thank you so much for doing this. I've always appreciated the hard work my own agent does on my behalf, but this peek into the world from the other side of the desk makes me want to rush out and buy her a gift!

Welcome back.