you you...mugwump! you know nothing..you you...DEMOCRAT!

Have you found that an editor's political opinions affect their treatment of submissions?After reading some editor's blogs, one has the feeling that even a mild comment by a character in a submission may be enough to damn an ms.

short answer: yup.

medium answer: so what

long answer: of course, editors for all their supposed industry savvy are people who mostly live in NYC. NYC you'll recall cast less than 20% of the popular vote for the current president. Any campaign manager will tell you that you can automatically cede 30% of the vote "just cause". Recall "Landslide Lyndon" was elected with 63% of the vote...leaving 37% for someone else. In the last election, the sitting president couldn't even come up with more than the deranged vote percentage in the 212.

What that means is NYC is full of rabid left wing granola eating old hippies socialists, rabble rousers and free thinkers. There's a reason Regnery is in Washington and Thomas Nelson publishers is in Nashville.

That said, all editors have preferences. Some are rational: this writing sux. Some are irrational: this writing sux.

I've had manuscripts turned down this week for: too much religious imagery, too much violence, too much alcohol, too much tawdry sex.

And this is in NYC!

So ya, it matters.
But...it doesn't matter to you. That's your agent's value: we'll know who to send it to if you want to write good things about the president of the united states, or other extremely suspicious political things..


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Miss Snark.

Anonymous said...

Can see now the well-thumbed log in the agency front office:
Note: Editor X has just gone on the waggon/DUI - no subs w/alcholics/policemen as main characters....OR: send all such to Editor X - he's in serious withdrawal and craving an erzatz high...