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A Snarkling is plotting his next move:

Dear Miss Snark: Do you or other agents you know ever surf through writer's blogs or places like Publishers Marketplace writer posting/blogs to find good offerings or are you busy with what you receive in the mail and with referrals? Is it worth the money to invest in this, especially featuring me sections? Thanks ...a fan

yes and no.

I read a couple writers blogs regularly.
Jennifer Weiner, who is represented elsewhere, very capably.
Jamie Boud, who isn't
Ron at Beatricewho is
Charlie Stella, who is.

But, I read almost all of those cause I either knew the writer first, or cause someone else told me it was great. I REGULARLY check out the blogs listed on the blog rolls over at Sarah's blog, and at Secret Dead Blog.

I slink over to the blogs of people who link to this one; that is I zip over and if it's interesting I hang out. If it's full of just personal angst or a diatribe about the futility of publishing, I zoom off to something pithier after a quick scan.

So yes, I read things. What I don't do is hunt for clients. I've never solicited anyone from a blog. That said, I've sold things to editors who found my clients work in online collections, or on my Publisher's Marketplace rights listings.

I don't read the writers offerings at Publishers Marketplace. (Sorry Michael...and after that nice mention yesterday too...)

The rule is always: write well, and do everything you can to get your writing out. The most effective way is to be published by a reputable journal like The Paris Review, or The New Yorker. Short story anthologies are great. Even chapters at online sites..all good.

And this is only my opinion. There could be a great scrum of editors searching the listings night and day, and I wouldn't know about it. Try it. See if it's effective. Like all placements though, you've got to plan for the long haul. You can't give up after a week.


kitty said...

I have several blogs, one of which is a book-in-progress of short stories. For me, blogging is one thing, but posting my short stories is far more nerve-racking. I began posting them in book form because I always envisioned them as a book. It's been a great teaching experience, too. I pay far closer attention to all the mechanics of writing. I've been able to see mistakes more clearly than if I had simply printed a copy. Getting over that initial shock of putting myself out there has helped, too, which, as I said, is different than just blogging.

My stories generate single-digit hits, but the readers are interesting. My Mandy Patinkin story has been a hit with an MSN group called Older Barefoot Men. They have it linked on their website. They've linked my Angelo story, too. I discovered that someone from the Los Alamos Nat. Labs has logged on, as well as several European countries and universities. The biggest surprise was seeing the U.S. Senate Sergeant of Arms; s/he read my Angelo story, which makes me wonder if s/he didn't find it posted at Older Barefoot Gents ;)

Bernita said...

Sometimes knowing a real live person(s) - other than indentured critics - are reading your stuff makes one more alert and aware of possible problems/mistakes. I've found that to be true, also.
I admire your courage, kitty, which I don't have much of, yet.

kitty said...

Y'know what They say: Nothing ventured, nothing ventured.

Duane Swierczynski said...

Thanks for the mention, Miss Snark! I'm very flattered.

jan said...

I took up blogging because I have all these stories that my family flatly refuses to listen to anymore...but they're building up in my head--ouch, ouch, ouch. And I have zero interest in the suicide of memoir writing. So I started blogging. I haven't been doing it long but I get enough comments to make it like getting to unload these tales at a brand new family reunion.

I tend to doubt an editor or agent would be overwhelmed...but I do try to watch my grammar.

Douglas Hoffman said...

I like to blog because it forces me to write every day. I may not work on my fiction, but hell, at least I'm writing. Also, it gives me experience writing for an audience. When I work on the novel, I know I'm writing for an audience, but that audience feels so very 'virtual'. My blog audience -- they're for real.

Demented M said...

I started blogging for reasons other than writing and continue to blog for reasons other than writing. The mistake I've made is to think those reasons can co-exist with the writing, they can't. I will no longer be directing new people to my blog, especially at writing conferences.

I would have to say my fave blog is Doug's (above). I read it everyday even though I almost never comment.


Jillian said...

Interestingly, I mentioned you in one of my blog posts several weeks ago (good things, I promise!), and now my blog comes up on page 1 when folks do searches for "Miss Snark." I'm actually getting referrals from people searching for YOU! :) (Is this a good thing?)

kitty said...

Doug, have you ever checked out Aggravated DocSurg?

Miss Snark said...

Jillian, I'm happy to be mentioned on your blog. I'll email you my home phone and cell phone in case Mr. Clooney asks you for a referral.

Jillian said...

Smart women always cover all their bases. Sounds like a plan!