Following up on the posts about how long to query, several snarklings wondered how to find editors. First, beware beware beware any agent who directs you to an editor right off the bat. It's one thing for an agent to say, "I read your work, I think you need an editor, here are six suggestions on how to find one", or "here are three names to start you out", and an agent who says "call this person" and gives you contact info.

AAR frowns mightily on agents cozying up to editors who offer kickbacks. Most agents I know are VERY leery about making reccomendations of specific editors. As in all things, do your research. For an editor, the question is "what books have you worked on". If an editor is working on books that haven't sold, that's info to ponder.

Now, here's how to find editors.

First, Publisher's Marketplace. You're going to have to cough up $20 a month to join. You can join month by month, so if you get your skates on it's $20 total. I think it's worth every nickel and I use the site every day.

When I clicked "find members" and then "developmental editing" and "general fiction" on the menu I got 34 names with contact information. PM is pretty reliable contact info; most of us listed there update our info regularly and are actively looking for clients.

The second place is the Editorial Freelancer's Union. I didn't investigate as deeply here but I know two people who are members and both are reputable.

You don't need an editor in NYC. You don't need an editor in your home town. You need an editor who's worked on books in your category and is tough. Ask for references.

The other suggestions in the comments area of the previous post are also good.

If you're looking for an editor cause your work isn't getting picked up by agents, tell the editor that. Do NOT be coy. An editor can't help you by doing a line edit if what you really need is an overall look at why the first ten pages, or the novel as a whole don't work.

More questions snarklings? Bring them on!

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Publishers Marketplace is worth EVERY penny!