A Ghost of a Chance!

I'm not sure if this is a topic you have any experience with, but I'm wondering how folks break into ghostwriting. I've heard from a few people that their agents set them up with others among their clients who needed writers. Is this something you've done? Any other insight you might be able to offer into how all this works?

I don't take on people who are principally ghost writers. I rep them for a single project, usually one that I've brought to them. I keep a list in my mink lined address book(the one that George Clooney would have given me had he not been tied up filming in Paris when I saw it at Bloomies and fell on it with rapturous screams...but I digress) of people who are ghostly.

I don't do a lot of work requiring ghosties cause my work is primarily novels and genre fiction. I know that one of the "musts" for a ghost are publishing credentials up the wazoo, so think about getting your freelance writing career in gear as you look for ghost jobs.

You'll want to know editors too cause sometimes I'll get names from editors who love everything about a project except the writing.

And the biggest hint of all is keep your email and phone contact info current. Have a website with your name; I can't tell you the number of people I don't try to call a second time when they don't answer the first call or their number is out of date or their email bounces. Be easy to find. Be easy to work with.


Brady Westwater said...

After I stop script writing due to my dissatisfaction with the end results and the difficulty in getting what I had sold - made, my agent started sending me scripts that needed... help; projects I was not personally invested in. Projects like a script where the writer had a character tell a joke - and two days before the scene was to be shot - on a big, big budget film - the script still said... insert joke.

Or a well written, but jokeless sit-com where I had guessed what had happend and asked for the first draft they had bought - two years ago. And sure enough, all the jokes were there, but during the rewrites the jokes had no longer seemed fresh or funny - and they had slowly cut them all. So I re-typed that first script and sold it back to them... with a note telling them what I had done.

My point is... do even the smallest job, even as a pro bono favor - and once you can deliver - fast - you will get more work than you can handle.

Elektra said...

A Stiletto of Snarklings? A Snarl of Snarklings, perhaps? What happened to the entry?

Elektra said...

Other options:
An Agency of Snarklings
A Devotion of Snarklings
A Clooney of Snarklings
A Gin Pail of Snarklings

Existential Man said...
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Elektra said...

hum? Every time I tried to click on comments, it said it was very sorry, but no can do. Obviously the idea was not very original anyway, as two of us had already thought of it.
I assume you're one of those people who sits on pins and needles as they send out queries, worrying about agents stealing their precious ideas?

Existential Man said...
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Elektra said...

If it's that important for you to have first claim to a semi-anonymous posting (which, frankly, required little to no imagination outside of basic alliterative skills), then by all means, take it

Miss Snark said...

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