Hey Big Spender!

A Snarkling is hedging his bets as he inquires:

"O Gracious Mistress of the Gin Pail, a thousand pardons for my presumption. Please grant this unworthy one an answer. Have you ever turned down an offer from an editor when you knew it was too low, and you had full faith and belief that you could get more mooney elsewhere? "

Well, I've turned down offers cause it wasn't enough for the author to be willing to do the book (non fiction-the book wasn't written) and I've turned down offers for fiction cause I was hoping, praying and sacrificing goats we'd get a better offer. Of course, the client and I made these decisions together. Agents have a fiduciary responsibility to present all offers. If clients want to take small potatoes, baby, pour the catsup, we've got a deal.

Of course if a first time novelist says "I won't settle for less than one hundred thousand pictures of George Washington spread on a king size bed at the Plaza"...well, that novelist is as they say "represented elsewhere".

It's a crapshoot. I tried to buy a crystal ball, turns out it was a testicle in Kristal ..but it turned out ok for other reasons.

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Carter said...

Thanks, Miss Snark! I'll get to work loading those dice. Plan B is to start raising goats. I'm afraid you're on your own with the Kristal ball, though.