How short is too short?

A snarkling follows up on the how long is too long post:

And is there such a thing as too short a word count? At what point to do the numbers by themselves start to make you apprehensive?

anything under 50,000 is going to make me look up how to spell "novella". Books get too small and people aren't willing to pay $23.00 for a hardcover.

Exceptions to this are graphic novels which are not measured solely by word count.


Anonymous said...

Do you look at graphic novel scripts? I thought there was a whole parallel (and baffling) industry for those, no?

Miss Snark said...

they are the next big thing. Trust me. You bet I look at them.

Anonymous said...

There is a whole parallel and baffling industry. AND mainstream publishing is starting to take notice of graphic novels, which is a very good thing. The comics industry in the US is slowly strangling itself on its superhero cape, and those of us who do work that is substantially different have had little recourse but to self-publish (or band together as a "small press", which is the same thing, only communal!).

(who completely burned out on comics, but will probably get back to it later)

Unknown said...

And (most) children's books. Do you ever do those?

All the old guides to children's book length said it had to be under 50,000. J.K Rowling's pretty much destroyed that idea.

Anonymous said...

And is there any standars as to what a graphic novel script -looks- like? (My real question: can I send you a screenplay adn says, it's a graphic novel script!)

Miss Snark said...

yes, and (real question) no.

Anonymous said...

On second thought I may end up querying you, later, acckkkk. Thereby proving "Never say NEVER." Okay, I didn't really, just that I wasn't gonna. Oh never mind. I want to finish what I'm doing and get to work, or there'll be no need to query anyone about hardly anything. Go figure.