How to Charm Miss Snark

A Nouvelle Snarkling wonders:

Dear Miss Snark,

Is it permissible to query you through this blog email site? I only know you through your blog, courtesy of Publisher's Marketplace which recommended that we PM readers enter the Snark World.

Having done so, now, I'm enraptured with your snarkness and snarkdom.

This, dear Snarklings is what to do when you don't know: ASK.

Of course, this snarkling includes two key pieces of info: where s/he found the blog and that s/he's read it. (Obviously not far enough in the archives to hear Miss Snark's scream about this topic, but ok).

It's ok not to know stuff.
It's really ok to ask.

So, even though, NO I do not take e-queries on this blog, I will not force feed you a stiletto heel.

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