"I'm not the right agent for this"

A Snarkling is wondering:

I have had some success in agents requesting my full manuscript - 4 in total. All have replied and said similar things ... "There was much I enjoyed, but in the end I'm afraid I do not think I am the right agent". None of the agents gave any details as to why they didn't think they were the right agent, and none of the agents had anything negative to say either.

My question is, how much should I read into this? I have had interest from some big name agents, but ultimately rejected after they read it in full. Should I be happy I got this close and keep trying or should I be worried there is something drastically wrong with the MS but the agents didn't want to point it out? (I know, I know, agents are not there to critique work!).

What's your opinion on this Miss Snark?

Should you keep trying? yes! Four rejections of a full ms is NOTHING. You might consider querying someone less "big time". Smaller agencies and lesser known agents have more room on their lists.

As for "I'm not the right agent" that's code for "I didn't like it enough to feel a lot of passion for it" or "I have no idea where I'd sell this".

Not everyone loves every book. Miss Snark herself found Bridges of Madison County to be utter claptrap, and it managed to sell a few copies despite that.

Most agents aren't going to take on a book they don't think they can sell. Labors of love, the ones you're not sure if you'll ever sell, suck up time and resources, and mostly don't pay their own way. Some you just have to do cause you love them, but you try not to do that too often. Love may make the world go round, but it doesn't pay Miss Snark's bar bill.

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