Love Labors Lamented

A Snarkling sells short and hopes for rich rewards:

"I've read that a lot of agents won't handle short story collections. Any particular reason for this? Are they harder to sell and/or relegated to the literary world? If I have ideas for novels and collections, should I look for an agent who handles both, or is it likely that the "right" agent (i.e.
compatible with me and my writing style) would be willing to work with collections as long as I have publication credits established?"


I don't handle them cause I can't sell them and most of them don't appeal to me. Oh yea, hit me on the head with your New Yorkers, ya ya ya, but rarely if ever do you see a collection of work published only in the New Yorker.

I have a hard enough time placing collections of essays, which I love, so I figure someone else can chomp on short stories.

The tried and true way to sell short stories is to sell them to magazines first and then draw the interest of agents that way.

Some of my clients sell short fiction to genre magazines, but they do that on their own. There's not enough dough in it for me to get involved much. I generally look over the contracts to make sure they aren't getting hosed, but that's about it.

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Christa M. Miller said...

Thanks Miss Snark. I knew agents didn't handle individual short stories, it was the collections that made me wonder. I do need to work a little better on magazines, so thanks for your input.