Maui Waui!

A Snarkling is contemplating getting his novel lei'd.

Ms. Snark:

ahem...that's MISS Snark. Miss Snark is not politically correct in her choice of honorifics. In The Least. But...anyway, on with your tale:

I've been looking at the Maui Writers Conference webpage and found something there called the manuscript marketplace. For $149 authors can submit a query, synopsis, and writing sample that will be reviewed by participating agents.

I wonder, what are your thoughts on this? Does this online blitz submission service have a good reputation? Is it really the shortcut it appears to be?

Here's the link...


I'm of two minds on this kind of thing.

First, I've never been to the Maui Writers Conference but it's had some big name folks attend and I've never heard anyone bitch too much about the long flight from NYC to Honolulu when they've been asked to attend.

On the more general topic of paying for critiques at a conference, here's my dilemma. I hate to see it cost $150. And I really hate that it's one on one. As you know from this blog, I think we all learn more when Snarklings (or in this case conference attendees) are brave enough to let their work be looked at in public. Or even small groups.

Just for starters, once you're published, people ARE going to read your book and say critical things about it. Get used to it, it won't kill you.

Second, you'll see an agent's prejudices, favorites, and idiosyncracies MUCH more clearly if you see her/him review six manuscripts instead of just your precious tome. Plus it's easier to see the agent isn't just totally full of crap (or IS !!) if it's not your work being eviscerated by that bitch from NYC, and who does she think she is anyway.

I love doing what are essentially master classes at conferences. They runs like the Snarkometer: six to ten people send their ten to twenty pages to me a month ahead of the conference date. When we all get to the conference, everyone in the group gets a copy of the works and we read them aloud. I stop and critique as we go. I've had people tell me it was the best and worst experience of their writing lives all at the same time.

Now, before everyone gets all hot under the collar, I should tell you I’m not Snarky with them. It's one thing on a blog but in real life, kindness is a requirement. (If you quote me I'll deny it but it's true)

As to Maui, if you've got the dough, and the time, I think having someone look at your pages and give you more than "its not right for us" is probably worth every nickle.

In a perfect world run by Miss Snark, the organization would be different but the concept would be the same. How's that for unifying two minds!

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