Miss Snark Beams with Pride

Dear Miss Snark,

You rule! I'll treat you to a bucket of gin if I ever find out who you are. I am a newcomer to your blog, but I read back far enough to see your comments to people who sent in their first 300 words.

I had sent Chapter One of my thriller to 8 agents; none of them wanted to read further. (Ouch!) After studying your acerbic comments, I revised my first chapter, leaving out all backstory. I sent this new Chapter One to 6 agents last Friday, and today, I've already heard from one of them that she'd like to see three more chapters. Less than a week! And this wasn't even from one of the agents who expressed interest in my novel at a recent conference. So, I'm jazzed.

Miss Snark is very very happy for you!
If this gets published, Miss Snark is collecting on that pail of gin!

Snark On!


Kristin said...

Congratulations, Snarkling! I agree that Miss Snark's advice is very valuable. I've revised my first page since perusing the Crapometer post, and I think it's about one million times better now.

Brady Westwater said...

Alas, I have a first CHAPTER that is not only largely back story, but additionally is also a repositioning of the entire Western Myth by a semi-reliable narrator who will be often subtlety contradicted by the main character.

My point is to take a world everyone thinks they know, and then recreate and re-define that world through the past history of the main character's life prior to the start of the story, all of which will then take place within 72 hours.

Does the phrase 'Sui generis' mean anything to you?

Obviously this is the type of thing that either really, really works... or... Well, you can guess the answer to that.

But as much as this violates the justly revered Snarkomandments, there is so much I have learned from Fearless Leader and the many Devotees that have helped me shape the way I will be shortly presenting my case to an agent.

Reluctantly Disobedient Snarkling

Breathe said...

I am worried about my first 300 words - no one gets shot or has sex or betrays their country - but I'm going to focus on getting to the last 300 before I revisit.

Miss Snark said...

If it works, it works. There are lots of rule breakers who are great writers. I hope you'll be one of them. Then you can say "neener neener" all the way to the bank!

kitty said...

Congrats, Snarkling! Keep us posted!