Miss Snark looks up the country code for Antarctica

A snarkling in a far-flung port flings herself at Miss Snark's inbox:

"Do agents take on clients who are living in another country? I'm living in Asia at the moment and will be going to Europe soon, and I was wondering if agents ever take on clients who reside in an entirely different country.

Have you ever done that before? What kind of problems or issues come up in this scenario?"

I think there are many ex-pats represented by agents here. Donna Leon the mystery writer comes to mind. The guy who wrote Bangkok 8 lives in Asia, I think.

That said, it's not a walk in the Tivoli Garden to have international clients. Even with email, which made things a lot easier, and electronic transmission of files even more so, it's harder to actually talk on the phone and meet. It's also a bitch for the publicity tour.

I know Donna Leon comes over very irregularly to tour for her books. It's a shame, cause she's really cool and more people should know her.

The real trick is, as always, to write something really really good. Once you've done that, Miss Snark will dogsled to your home in Antarctica to sign you up if need be. And that pesky pr tour? Miss Snark will stand in for you! (gee-I hope you're a girl.)


Mallika said...

Thank you for taking time to answer my question, Miss Snark. I've always wondered if the whole logistics of the whole thing would be a problem.

Also, thank you for your blog; it's been very informative and snarky!

PS It's funny you should mention Bangkok 8 -- I'm living in Bangkok right now, but that'll change pretty soon.

Mallika said...
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