Miss Snark Takes You by the (crystal) balls

Ms. Snark:

First, it's Miss Snark. Always. Never changing. No matter what the New York Times says. MISS Snark.

I've written many novels for major publishers, a few of which have sold 50,000 copies in trade paperback original. I've been with the same agent and editor for quite a while. Not surprisingly, I continue to get the same size deals. Despite the high comfort level/genuine affection and respect I have for my agent and editor, should I switch things up a bit? See if I can do better with a new agent, or at a different publisher? Or just be grateful for the deals I get and shut up already?

Expenses Go Up, But Advances Don't

Madam Souvlaki my fortune teller has a wonderful saying: "Don't look in the crystal ball unless you want to see".

Well, at least that's what I think she's saying. It could be "fork over more dough or I'm never going to see Mr. Clooney in your future".

If you want to roll the dice and "switch things up a bit", you'd better prepare yourself to lose it all. Cause you could. Not saying you will, or even that there's a good chance, but you could. This is a risk.

Sometimes you DO need to shake things up a bit. Mostly Miss Snark rearranges the furniture or paints the blog when such a mood strikes.

People have made these kinds of changes. Romance writers who "breakout" of the genre, or change genre. Bill O'Reilly -who wrote what could be the worst novel of all time, and then discovered himself as a political ranter and sold zillions. Jon Letham who won the Macarthur genius grant today and is probably one of my all time favorite guys in the world said he had to move to Brooklyn to give his writing a new energy.

Static isn't always the right choice..but you've got to understand that sometimes when you take a flying leap, you crash and burn.

I wouldn't do this on a whim, and I REALLY wouldn't do it without serious advice from people who know your work. I don't. I'm just a font in the blogosphere, even though of course I'm utterly wonderful and all that.

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Existential Man said...

Better than what your fortune teller said, here's one from one of my teachers, uttered back in the seventies: "Until you shatter your crystal balls, you're impotent."