Publisher Response Times

A Snarkling is fretting:

How long does it take a publisher (on average) to get back to an agent on a novel submission? I've heard three months is average. Is that true? I know this is generalizing. There are some who call the next day and some who call a year later, but I'm curious as to what the "usual" timeframe is

Unless a novel is going to auction, I figure a month. Then I touch base. Three months, and then I say, ok, are we serious here or were you just yanking my snarkly chain. Three months is about average I guess, but I don't track that statistic closely.

I never send anything exclusively for longer than ten days so even if someone is just being a dickhead about saying yes they'll read it when they have no intention of doing so, it's not slowing me down.

I do enjoy the calls to those editors when I sell a project though. And I have sold projects to editors who've had the manuscripts for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Is it really easier to get a reputable agent after you have a contract on the table? What would be the appropriate protocol for contacting an agent in that case?

Alternatively, if you have requested revisions out there and it has been several months, would it be worthwhile to try to find an agent in the hopes of expediting the process? Or would this likely make your editor angry? I've had requested revisions hung in limbo for more than nine months before only to end up with a reject. Not much stinks worse than an insta-reject on a requested revision, but I think the nine month rejects just might!