Revise this!

A Snarkling is industriously working away and asks:

I'm one of those writers who revises when enough agents have told me the same thing. Sometimes the only thing that survives a revision is the title of the ms, some of the main characters, and the premise.

If you happened to get a second query on a revised ms would you read the pages, or embed the heel of your stiletto into my left temple? Do you know how other agents feel about such a scenario?

I don't keep track of query letters or "first couple pages" submissions. If you queried me, then revised and requery, it's a whole new ball game.

If I read the complete ms, I'll remember you and have you on my data base. Then, you write say "I paid close attention to what you said, revised as you advised, and enclosed please find Mr. Clooney's home phone number. Would you like to read the first 30 pages or so".

Chances are I will say yes. If I read the full ms before, I thought you had promise. I like people who listen to my comments and follow my advice...who wouldn't??

Just don't try to be sly about it though. If something sounds familiar and I can't find the title or you changed your name, or some other tactic, I'll think the work is derivative and say no.

As to how other agents react to this, query them. It's better to ask and find out no, then assume and miss a yes. Polite persistence!

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