Save your money for bribing Miss Snark

A Snarkling worries she's going to be struck by "lightening"

"Would you suggest that a first time fiction author invest in having his/her manuscript edited professionally prior to submitting to agents for representation?"
Do you spell worse than you smell?
Is the passive voice able to be recognized in your work?

Have you achieved climax...er...well...you know..plot wise.

It's not going to kill you to have it looked over by a squinty eyed flint lipped grammarian. But it's not a requirement.

If you've gotten a zillion rejections you might want to invest in an outside opinion, but if you know the difference between "lightning" "lightening" and "Lite Ning" yer probably gonna be ok.

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Stay At Home Writer said...

Thanks for your time, Miss Snark. I'll heed your advice once I reach a zillion rejections. So far, not even close!