A Snark and Tonic for Breakfast...excellent idea

Miss Snark,

Thank you for answering my question. As always, you're insightful.

I have another question of even greater import. You appear to be a gin expert. In fact, I'm surprised you don't have your own brand. We should all be able to order a "snark martini" or a "snark and tonic." I can imagine the ad campaign, "Whether you've just been offered a six-figure advance or rejected for the hundredth time, Snark Gin is the perfect way to end your day -- or even begin it." Or, perhaps, Snark Gin -- it's not just for breakfast anymore."

My question is, what gin brand do you drink? I read a review of the best gins (see best gins ) and discovered that Bombay Sapphire was ranked #1. In my opinion, Bombay Sapphire is like drinking water. I like to taste the juniper berries in my gin and have always enjoyed Beefeaters, which was ranked the worst. I'm not an expert but I do have a degree in "mixology" from Bartenders' Academy.

P.S. Do you know the story of the Gibson -- a martini with a cocktail onion instead of an olive? Seems Gibson was an entertainment lawyer who like to negotiate the best deals for his clients. During power lunches, he'd order a martini but secretly tell the waiter to bring him a cocktail glass with water in it and an onion. That way he could stay sober while those he negotiated with drank the hard stuff.

Miss Snark DOES have her own brand of gin.
In fact Miss Snark has her own distillery.

Sadly, it's unavailable for public consumption because of a tiny little flaw in the liquor laws of New York City. Turns out you can't actually sell home made fire water. You can give it away of course, and Miss Snark threw parties that even Page Six couldn't quite find the words to describe. Well, one too many complaints and Miss Snark was turned out of her position at Gracie Mansion (Morals and Manners Monitor) for raucous behaviour and had to settle in to a life of subdued debauchery in the literary field.


Rhonda Stapleton said...

I wish I could try some of Miss Snark's fire water...

E. Dashwood said...

This questin is in regard to "To dream the impossible dream," but I don't know for how long you read that far down the food chain.

In the reverse of querying through the blog, I wonder if any of your clients have figured out that their agent is Miss Snark?

Elektra said...

Every time I try to 'Search this Blog' it gives me results from other blogs instead (I checked--definitely not hitting 'Search All Blogs'). Is there any way to only search the snarkiness?

kitty said...

Blogger used to allow you to search just one particular blog. I used it often on my own. But they changed it recently. Instead, it searches ALL the blogs >:O

Miss Snark said...

search ALL the blogs when you are Miss Snark's Snarklings?? that just stinx!!!
Miss Snark is bitterly opposed to THAT!

I realized in searching the titles of the posts today that they are ...ahem..."less than helpful" to put it kindly about the topics covered.

I think we need an index.

or something!

Deran Ludd said...

Well, if the person whose comment Miss Snark quoted and commented on likes gin with more juniper, I would have to say Dutch gin is the ticket. The Netherlands is the home of gin (every one stand and sing the Dutch national anthem with your gin pails held high!) Bols makes my fave. their newest Damrak is more an attempt to get into the US/Brit style hin market. Dutch gin is also called genever. Boomsma Jonge (young) is also pretty fine. because they have more of a flavor than Brit gins they mix well with tonic, or straight, but are an acquired taste as the basis for a classic martini.

Mmmm, I wish I had a pail of Bols right now. I just know it would make what I'm writing even better!